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August 2019
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M.A. García-León, A. Gonzalez Gomez, H. Robles Ortega, J.L. Padilla Garcia and M.I. Peralta Ramirez,  "Psychometric properties of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) in the Spanish population", "Anales de Psicología" , vol.35, 33-40, 2019
G. Alba Lasso, J. Vila Castellar, B. Rey, P. Montoya and M.Á. Muñoz García,  "The Relationship Between Heart Rate Variability and Electroencephalography Functional Connectivity Variability Is Associated With Cognitive Flexibility", "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience" , vol.13, -, 2019
M. Bellido González, H. Robles Ortega, M.J. Castelar Ríos, M.A. Díaz-López, J.L. Gallo-Vallejo, M.F. Moreno-Galdó and M. De Los Santos Roig,  "Psychological distress and resilience of mothers and fathers with respect to the neurobehavioral performance of small-for-gestational-age newborns", "Health and Quality of Life Outcomes" , vol.17, 54-67, 2019
C. Gantiva, M. Sotaquirá, M. Marroquín, C. Carné, L. Parada and M.Á. Muñoz García,  "Size matters in the case of graphic health warnings: Evidence from physiological measures", "Addictive behaviors" , vol.92, 64-68, 2019
M. De Los Santos Roig, I. Ruiz González, H. Robles Ortega and C. Perez Melendez,  "Cognitive Representations of diabetes and their role in metabolic control and health: when a positive view of illness protects", "Clínica y Salud" , -, 2019
P. Cappucci, Á. Correa Torres, P.M. Guerra Muñoz and J. Lupiañez Castillo,  "Differential effects of intensity and response preparation components of acoustic warning signals.", "Psicológica (Valencia. Ed. impresa)" , vol.40, 151-177, 2018
B. Rey, A. Rodríguez , Lloréns-Bufort, J. Tembl, M.Á. Muñoz García, P. Montoya , V. Herrero-Bosch and J.M. Monzo,  "Design and Validation of an FPGA-Based Configurable Transcranial Doppler Neurofeedback System for Chronic Pain Patients", "Sensors" , vol.18, -, 2018
L. Miccoli, M. Martinez Fiestas, R.F. Delgado Rodríguez, S. Díaz Ferrer, S. Rodríguez Ruiz and M.C. Fernández-Santaella Santiago,  "Adolescent emotions toward sweet food cues as a function of obesity and risky dieting practices", "Food Quality And Preference" , vol.68, 205-214, 2018
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